Bar Business Guide

A bar is one of the most profitable businesses out there. This is true because people always look for places where they can unwind, relax, enjoy, and have some drinks after a hard day at work. It is no wonder that wherever you go, you would see a lot of bar businesses opening up.

One important step in decorating a bar is buying furniture for it. Bar furniture include bar stools, bar or counter, tables and chairs, sofa and decorative ornaments such as an oversized metal wall decor or metal sculptures.

Some would probably think that it is not any different from buying home furniture, but the truth is, this is a lot more complicated since it is not only yourself or your family that you have to consider but all the kinds of people that would go into your bar.

If you have just opened up your bar business, here are some practical tips on how to choose the right kind of furniture.

1. Measure, measure!

This is especially important when buying bar stools so that the seating area is sufficient and that the customer will be able to sit comfortably. Keep in mind that there should be a space of 10 to 13 inches between the stool seat and the bottom of the counter or bar table. As for spacing, measuring from the mid-point of the stool to the next one, there should be 30 inches in between to leave enough room for swiveling and moving around. You would have to adjust these measurements if you intend to buy stools with arms.

2. Consider the style of the bar

Next, you have to consider the style of the bar so that it would be easier for you to find pieces of furniture that will complement and match this because as you know bar furniture comes in a wide variety of styles, materials and designs. For example, for a bar with contemporary style, metal bar stools, a large black sofa and an oversized metal wall decor are just some of the things you may consider to buy.

3. Prioritize quality over price

Buying cheap furniture does not automatically mean you are saving money. This is because many cheaply priced items are also cheap in quality and you may end up spending even more for repairs or replacements. Because you are making a major investment, it would be smart to opt for high quality pieces that will give the best kind of service for your customers.