Business Guide to Spray Tanning Equipment

Before you plan to purchase any spray tan equipment, always be clear on your reasons for getting it as this will make a difference in the nature of the product you will need to acquire.

In other words, will your spray tan equipment work well for home, mobile or salon use?

Below are some tips to help you buy the best spray tan equipment to satisfy your needs–and find the best price on the equipment also.

Tips to Find the Best Equipment

The good news is, most of the major companies of spray tan equipment (airgun and airbrush tanning equipment), dealers such as Paasche, Iwata and Badger, supply equipment to all three sectors of the market.

But, certain companies have become famous for their abilities in certain areas: Paasche have had remarkable success in their home and mobile tanning products; Iwata are well-known for wonderful quality pro and semi-pro equipment; Badger are forerunners in high class professional grade equipment.

So before you purchase, be clear on the needs you have, build your budget, research your suppliers on the internet, and consult other users, friends and any salons nearby.

The Process

So how does spray tanning function? Well, a fine spray of dilute DiHydroxyAcetone (DHA) is spread over the skin using a pressure driven airbrush or just a spray gun.

DHA is a nonhazardous, colorless sugar. Once applied it gradually reacts with the amino acids that are available in the outer (dead) layers of our skin and, little by little (it often takes a few hours), this reaction gives a brown, natural looking, pigmented finish.

Once the outer layers of skin are removed, the spray tan slowly disappears in much the same way a natural tan would disappear.

What Spray Tan Solution Does

As you could possibly expect, the quality of the finish will depend not only on levels of device and skill, but also on the grade of the spray tan solution. Different combinations and strengths will go well with certain skin types, and a variety of tones and finishes can be done.

Many solutions will have anti-aging, protective and skin softening additives, still others will be made to fade quickly. So check with your supplier to make sure you get the best solution for you.


Home spray tan equipment is meant for people who would like to spray themselves. Small hand-held airbrush designs are most appropriate to this section of the market and, although these compact airbrush systems are not as fast as professional-grade spraying equipment, the tan mist discharge is extremely fine and harmless.

This gives home users time to apply themselves without excessive delivery. But be warned–spraying yourself does require some practice, and you might want to ask your spouse to spray your back.

Although small airbrush systems are best for home use, more experienced home-users often like the faster delivery of a spray gun system.

These devices deliver the tanning mist swifter, and under increased pressure. They are perfect for quick application, but will not be ideal for the complete novice.