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What to Do If You Fall into the “High-Risk Business” Category

You just heard your business called “high risk” for the first time. Now what? What does be high risk mean? What does this mean for you current operations and your business’ future? What are the challenges behind a high-risk business?

When business owners find out that their business falls into this category, they have many questions. If you are also feeling a little lost, you are not alone. The first thing to know is that this label is not because of you. In most cases, the reason your business has been placed in this category is usually due to factors far beyond your control.

More often than not, this label is the result of your business type experiencing excessive chargeback disputes. If your industry is also known for being risky – duplicate charges, lawsuits, fraudulent transactions, etc. – or experiencing high chargeback rates, you will be considered high risk. Other reasons include limited time in business (startups), past bankruptcy and poor or no credit.

Unfortunately, being high risk affects your standing with payment processors. Traditional providers will not want to work with you. This is where alternative payment processors like First American Merchant have stepped in to fill this gap and provide the services you need to continue to operate smoothly.

With the help of an alternative provider, it is important to take steps towards establishing and maintaining a good business standing. This will help you build trust and a strong relationship with your processor. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Transparency is #1 – Make sure you have as much information as possible. Start by putting together the history of payment processors you have worked with. Then share this history with your new provider.

Focus on a good image – Every business should make sure that it is being true to what it advertises about its products and services. When you offer exemplary products or services, it means more sales and fewer chargebacks. It also builds trust and reputation with your consumers and payment processor.

Always follow the law – No matter what, it is critical to always abide with the mandates of the government, especially when it comes to consumer protection, local city codes, refunds and truthful advertising.

Do you need payment processing solutions or business funding for your business, but are having trouble finding a provider willing to work with you? Consider working with the experts at First American Merchant. Find the payment processing and high risk business loans you need, despite being labeled as high risk.

Author Bio: As the FAM account executive, Michael Hollis has funded millions by using business funding loans solutions, like high risk business loans. His experience and extensive knowledge of the industry has made him finance expert at First American Merchant.

How to Prepare for a Mortgage Loan

When it comes to taking out any home loan, may it be a one time close construction loans Texas or a mortgage loan, the basic requirements are the same. Although there are many lenders you will meet with different reasonable offers; they will require the same things although the level of strictness may vary.

So, if you are planning on taking out a mortgage loan, you have to prepare yourself properly to ensure fast and secure approval. Most of these requirements are easy to acquire, but the problem may come when it comes to fulfilling them.

Credit Report

One of the essential requirements for every loan you will apply for is your credit. Every lender you will meet will check on your credit history and credit score. They will scrutinize everything since they need to ensure that you can pay them on time. Usually, the required credit score for mortgage loans is 640. But you have to be careful and verify first because there are some with higher score requirement of at least 680. However, there are also some with lower requirements at 580 like the government-insured loans.

Financial Statement

Your finances are also of utmost importance. You will need to show them proof of your income, employment records as well as bank and credit card statements. It is their way of knowing how much you can afford to pay every month. They may also include asking for a list of your monthly expenses and payables to make their calculations. However, if you want to know ahead of time, you can make a tough calculation yourself using an online loan calculator. This way, you do not have to wonder whether your income and expenses qualifies you for the amount you want or not.

Down Payment

Money is also needed when you want to apply for a mortgage loan. Typically, the minimum for most is twenty percent of the total cost of the house. However, some may require more while some may need less. The best types of mortgage loans are the government-insured ones since they often have a lower down payment requirement. But we recommend you put on as much down payment as you can to have a lesser principal balance on interest. Less principal means less investment and thus low monthly payments.

Mortgage Loan Type

There are many types of mortgage loans. So, you need to make sure you choose the right one for you. The best one at this time may not be the right one. You have to consider the long-term effect of this loan since you will be spending at least ten to thirty years paying for the loan and that is a long time. Get to know the type of interest they offer and how it works just for you to be on the safe side.


Hiring a real estate agent whom you can get along pretty well is a must. You will spend a lot of time with her; therefore, you need to feel comfortable. Getting together correctly can also help you convey what you want on the house to look for.

A Business Traveler’s Guide

Do you do a lot of traveling? Whether you travel for pleasure or for business this article may be able to benefit you greatly. There are some things you should keep up on if you are an avid traveler. One of the things, which can help you keep up to date on a lot of information, is a business traveler’s guide. In this article we will tell you what the business travelers guide is and why you should never leave home without it.

A business travelers guide will keep you informed on airlines and what is going on with them. This way you are always aware of what is going on in your local airports and destination airports you are traveling to. It will tell you which airline is lowering or raising their prices.

It will also give you traveler’s tips. It may give you some things you should do and those that you should not. It may offer you helpful advice on what to do or not to do when traveling to certain cities. These offer great information and let you know what is going on at your next destination.

There may be a travel blog. It can be on different topics like travel safety for example. It may give you some tips on keeping safe during your travel experience. You can never receive enough tips on safety. There may be something there, which you never thought of.

With the travelers guide you will also be able to easily find topics you want to browse. It can be airlines, airports and/or car rentals. It can tell you about flights out of different airports. It may give you information about car rentals. So you can find the best place to rent a car. There are always helpful and instructive topics to choose from.

There may be different articles to read on different topics concerning traveling. These can be on a wide array of topics. For example there could be one on ‘How to save room when packing’. Or ‘Green Travel Tips’.

There can be videos for you to watch also. One video example might be, ‘How to avoid Jet Lag’. Another one they could have would be, ‘Tips for traveling with a laptop’.

There are many sites, which you can go too and read a traveler’s business guide. If you type it in several options will come up. Places like biz-Journals and WHY Go business travels can easily be found. There is also a business traveler’s guide in places like the newspaper. The New York Times has one and a lot of other papers do as well.

If you are an avid business traveler or even one who travels for pleasure, the business traveler’s guide will be an advantage for you. It will keep you informed about a lot of your traveling needs. It will also help you find some great traveling deals. It can tell you how to earn points while flying. Tell you about the best hotels in the city you are traveling too. The possibilities seem to be endless.

Internet Business Guide

Learning the appropriate affiliate marketing solution for your particular business can definitely be a daunting task. There are so many different ways that people promote their businesses on the Internet, it’s difficult to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The truth of the matter is that there is a small percentage of affiliates out there that ever become successful. Why? Well, this article will tell you why in a second, but more important, it will give you a solution to your problem.

The reason many people fail is because they have no idea how to market a business. It’s a recurring cycle because when a new entrepreneur comes online to make money they see emails that are SPAM; spammers in the forums, social networks, and everywhere else around cyberspace. Unfortunately, many of them just don’t know any better and it takes someone like you to tell them.

So if you’ve come across an issue such as this one or seem like you’re being pulled in several different directions, the solution to your woes is this: affiliate marketing. It all starts with building relationships online and basically pre-selling your potential prospects. Learning how to do this is a little more difficult than you think so grab a pen and paper because you’ll want to take notes.

List Building

In the last couple of years, there has been talk of the decline of list building. Don’t believe it. It is common knowledge that if you own a business online it takes 7-12 contacts on average for a potential prospect to join or purchase your product. If you have no idea when they’re visiting your site, how in the world do you plan on keeping in touch with them? However, if you have an enticement on the home page that will garner a name and email address you will be ahead of the game.

When you have an auto responder that they sign up with then you’ll be able to send broadcasts to all these prospects at the same time. There are some affiliate professionals out there that have lists ranging around a million prospects. Can you imagine if only 1% of those people purchased whatever your business was selling? That’s a big payday for you and why this is probably the biggest affiliate marketing solution you should make a priority.

Don’t Over Do It

While list building is extremely beneficial, it can also backfire on you in a heartbeat. In your opening message, let your prospects know ahead whether you’ll be sending out messages once a day, twice a week, or a few times a month. Doing so will give them a sense of professionalism and a little insight on what you plan will be. If you are sending out messages two and three times a day, you’ll end up with no sales at all.

Adding On to List Building

While we consider this to be the #1 affiliate marketing solution for your business, there are others as well. We’ve spent years doing case studies on various techniques and while list building works wonders, utilizing keywords and understanding SEO strategies is another great avenue to take. However, it may take some time to understand how those systems work so stick to working on the list building for now. Once we’ve helped you set up this part of the solution, then we’ll move on to bigger things to help you become successful.

Reasons to Start an Internet Business

U.S. unemployment is currently at a record nine percent. This figure doesn’t include those individuals that are no longer receiving state or federal assistance. That figure hovers around seventeen percent or higher.

More troubling news continues, with home prices still in a free fall. To add to this economic dilemma, millions of employed Americans have had their hours or pay cut and in some cases; both.

One way to lift yourself out of this real crisis is to start an online business. Here is how you can do it.

1. Employers have a tendency to not hire an individual that is currently unemployed.

An internet business helps in a couple of areas.

A. Showing imitative is a plus for prospective employers.

B. As you start making money it will reduce the amount you receive from unemployment money.

C. Showing a real initiative that you want to get off the dole. In addition, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and look promising for future employment.

2. Many people who sell their wares on-line make a comfortable living. You too can become independent when Self-employed and possibly become a future employer as well…

3. When you have completed all the steps required to start a legitimate internet business, you will have a sense of pride. Who knows, maybe you’ll write your own book on that one step that was the toughest to accomplish.

4. People that have actually started an online business have told me they feel a sense of independence that they never knew they could feel

Having our own business is a great thing.

5. Setting your budget, before you start is an essential element for success.

A. A large budget is not required to start a business. However; you will need to do all the work yourself, contrary to paying someone else to do it for you.

There are several online companies that will do all the legal filing for you. If you use one of these companies to do all the filings, it will become quite expensive. The good news; with a little research, you can do all of it yourself.

No matter who does the filing it takes considerable time because you are dealing with government agencies.

B. A case in point; when applying for a logo or text trademark, the paper work is not complicated. However, it will take 3 or four months for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to let you know if there is a conflict with your request. If the logo isn’t in conflict you will be able to use the logo with a trademark pending icon. The next notice will hopefully authorize you as the owner of the trademark. Unfortunately, this could take as long as 6 to nine months.

6. If you have no experience in starting a business from scratch, you will need some help. Fortunately, help is available in a variety of areas. Friends and coworkers can be a wealth of information. There is a host of books and e-books that address an internet business guide, and start from scratch books. Many of these books go into great detail in each step in creating a business. Some of these books will save over the cost of several books.

Affiliate Business Guide to Success

Despite the number of affiliate marketing secrets that would guarantee success, only a few are open to the general public. Usually, it is only the basic information which is provided in the internet. That is because if they provide all the secrets, they would have a lot of competitors. And they definitely wouldn’t want that. By combining all of the little details that you can obtain from certain sites, you will be able to grasp the fundamental knowledge on affiliate marketing.

The most important secrets regarding effective affiliate marketing is generally not shared to the public. Most tips and advices are for those who already have a niche or for those who have already begun their affiliate marketing career. Thus, beginners do not find this information useful. Most of the time, they are clueless on how to begin their career. Without a good start, it is impossible to have a fruitful conclusion.

Picking an affiliate program is not to be taken lightly. Your niche should be well set before you can rightfully pick an affiliate program. Also, it is important that your niche is something of interest to you. It is always an advantage if you have passion for your work because it pushes you to improve and know more. A degree is not at all vital, though it is an advantage if you have a degree which is related to your niche. Experience still remains to be the best teacher.

Keep in mind that you should not go over your niche market. For instance, your affiliate products and programs must not go beyond your chosen niche. That way, you can concentrate on your niche and become successful.

Start a Side Business

The economy has not fully recovered from the economic recession the whole world has faced in the past couple of years. This has been disastrous for the big businesses, with various business filing bankruptcies and insolvencies. The highly volatile market had placed many vulnerable to lose their repute, and share quicker than ever.

Many companies also starting to opt for business solutions like; downsizing, resulting in unemployment, with many not only deprived of bread and butter but also forced to live in open air. This devastating state of economy with no job security is very difficult to cope up with if you have dependents.

The social securities are more likely to be inadequate to support your expenses; this is why it is recommended to have a safe side, before another disastrous wave of economic recession splashes and takes away all you have with you.

When it comes to having a safe-side, saving is not enough as it would not be able to keep your expenses going for long. So it is better to start a small entrepreneur business along with your job, to avoid running out of money in the long run. This can be a most convenient way to say no to poverty.

This however needs some effort to dig down into details of what sort of business solutions you would provide and how you can manage it to a profitable level.With so much business consultancy and business guide instructions, from government sector on feasible businesses one can easily sort this out.

There are also some private consultants and private business firms providing business guide facilities. But, firstly they are not free of charge and secondly they are more suited for large-scale enterprises. So we cannot rely on them as a nice option.

Various websites are available with the option of business guide for providing solutions, ideas and strategies to help you in the business development process. These portals are invaluable source of information while setting up a new enterprise.

Once you are decided with what business you are going to pursue, you need to figure out your resources, or in other words, the investment required for this. You should rely more on equity-financing rather than debt-financing, or it’s rather better to go for partnerships, if you have few friends or family members also interested in your project.

The next step is to define the location and to devise SOP for your business, and how you can maintain your cash flows. You can easily establish this, by getting guidelines through web portals, and through question answer portals, to get free advice on what best options do you have.

Business Guide to Spray Tanning Equipment

Before you plan to purchase any spray tan equipment, always be clear on your reasons for getting it as this will make a difference in the nature of the product you will need to acquire.

In other words, will your spray tan equipment work well for home, mobile or salon use?

Below are some tips to help you buy the best spray tan equipment to satisfy your needs–and find the best price on the equipment also.

Tips to Find the Best Equipment

The good news is, most of the major companies of spray tan equipment (airgun and airbrush tanning equipment), dealers such as Paasche, Iwata and Badger, supply equipment to all three sectors of the market.

But, certain companies have become famous for their abilities in certain areas: Paasche have had remarkable success in their home and mobile tanning products; Iwata are well-known for wonderful quality pro and semi-pro equipment; Badger are forerunners in high class professional grade equipment.

So before you purchase, be clear on the needs you have, build your budget, research your suppliers on the internet, and consult other users, friends and any salons nearby.

The Process

So how does spray tanning function? Well, a fine spray of dilute DiHydroxyAcetone (DHA) is spread over the skin using a pressure driven airbrush or just a spray gun.

DHA is a nonhazardous, colorless sugar. Once applied it gradually reacts with the amino acids that are available in the outer (dead) layers of our skin and, little by little (it often takes a few hours), this reaction gives a brown, natural looking, pigmented finish.

Once the outer layers of skin are removed, the spray tan slowly disappears in much the same way a natural tan would disappear.

What Spray Tan Solution Does

As you could possibly expect, the quality of the finish will depend not only on levels of device and skill, but also on the grade of the spray tan solution. Different combinations and strengths will go well with certain skin types, and a variety of tones and finishes can be done.

Many solutions will have anti-aging, protective and skin softening additives, still others will be made to fade quickly. So check with your supplier to make sure you get the best solution for you.


Home spray tan equipment is meant for people who would like to spray themselves. Small hand-held airbrush designs are most appropriate to this section of the market and, although these compact airbrush systems are not as fast as professional-grade spraying equipment, the tan mist discharge is extremely fine and harmless.

This gives home users time to apply themselves without excessive delivery. But be warned–spraying yourself does require some practice, and you might want to ask your spouse to spray your back.

Although small airbrush systems are best for home use, more experienced home-users often like the faster delivery of a spray gun system.

These devices deliver the tanning mist swifter, and under increased pressure. They are perfect for quick application, but will not be ideal for the complete novice.

Small Business Guide to Search Engine Optimization

Check whether your website has been indexed by Google. Use the following command – “” – on Google. If it shows results, it means your site has been indexed by Google. The results it lists are the pages of your website included in Google’s index. Getting your site indexed is the first step to top rankings.

If your site has not been indexed by Google, you can submit your site to Google as well as reputed free directories like

Check the permission to the search engine spiders to different folders on your site by typing “” If you are among the 76% of the small business websites that don’t have robot definitions then visit Google Webmaster Forum and insert the code into your website

When your site has been indexed by Google, start to review the on page elements on your website. These include title tags meta-descriptions. Make sure that the words which people most frequently use to find your products or services are used in these tags in a meaningful way

If you are not sure, which keywords work best for you, check what keywords your competition are using. Also ask your prospects/customers what they would type in Google to find your products/services. To verify the actual search volumes for these keywords, use the following Keyword research tool. Make sure you select the target country to get the correct search volume

Customise your website content to naturally include these keywords in the top few lines and the last few lines of your text. Keep keyword density to 3-5%. Keyword density is number of keywords divided by number of words.

Keep your page names in line with the keywords you are targeting e.g, a page targeting the word ‘luxury resorts’ should have the word in the subdomain (e.g Another page targeting Bali Luxury Villas should have the name

When changing page names, use a 301 redirect to give the information to the search engine.

Create inner links from pages within your site with the relevant keywords as anchor text. Anchor text is the visible, clickable part of a hyperlink

Put alt tags in images (alt tags are text describing what the image is about). Here you can include keywords where applicable and remember not to be spammy.

Provide useful content and resources on your website so that webmasters link to your site. It could be a compilation of resources which people look for, a blog providing industry insights or white papers. Tools, Calculators etc can be useful.

Install Google Analytics to monitor how much traffic your website is getting, what sources this traffic comes from, how much time do visitors spend on each page of your website and what action they perform. This information can help you make ongoing improvements to your site and improve the usage metrics

Internet Marketing Guide

So do you want to know some tips to help you find the right internet marketing guide?

I understand how a lot of people want to buy internet marketing guides, whether they are new in the field and want to get started with their affiliate business or experienced marketers that want to improve their business.

Get this- There is a big difference between beginner guides and how to improve your business guides.

So the first thing you should do before getting any manual is really setting your target from purchasing it. That way you will know what to look for.

Now some of the internet marketing guides available online will not provide you the information they promised, that is why you have to be picky.

Keep in mind- Internet marketing guides are a big business, people make a lot of money selling these products, so they will include free bonus materials to make you think you can get something extra buying their manuals.

Please do not get me wrong I am not saying that all the guides are useless or scam, I am just saying that only some of them are, and you do not want to buy one of these, right?

Of course you do not; no one will want to waste many on useless products.

So let me tell you about these tips that will help you buy the right internet marketing guide for you from the first time…

1- If you are a newbie, look for a guide that will teach you everything from A to Z, from how to get started to how to launch a campaign.

2- If you are an experienced marketer, look for a guide that will help improve your methods and techniques.

3- Never buy a guide whiteout reading some reviews first on the product, and take care because some of the reviews might be for marketing purposes.

4- Search an internet marketing forum for the manual you want to buy, you will find professionals discussions and opinions about the product that will help you take your decision.

5- A good guide will include customer support, if you are a newbie you might need that because you will probably have some questions to ask.

Warning: Manual guides are not the only way that you could learn; you could also attend online marketing seminars that could really help you in your business.