Guided Meditation For Gratitude

Guided Meditation can help bring you what you desire.
Guided Meditation can help you work less and earn more.
Guided Meditation can help you enjoy your life and work more.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Well, there are a couple important questions that naturally come up.

Who does the Guiding?
Ultimately, it is YOU.

But sometimes, as we are starting out with this new practice, it is helpful to “borrow” another person’s ideas, or thoughts or energy to get us going.

A good guided meditation should bring you something: More Energy – Personal, Emotional and/or Spiritual Energy. Maybe more peace or ease. Whatever it is that you want, you should be able to find a guided meditation or you can create one for yourself.

Sometimes it is also helpful to read along as you are learning a new meditation. I like to provide .pdf files along with the .mp3s of audio meditations I create.

But if you are building something new in your life or business, Guided Meditation may be just what you need to create a solid, energetic foundation.

Here are some guidelines and benefits you might look for especially if you are in business or an entrepreneur looking to build your energy and build your business. Enjoy!

Good guided meditations can help you break through the Mental Blocks that stop most people before they even get started making BIG CHANGES in their lives and further help you:

* Discover what all ancient spiritual traditions knew about the Power of the Mind

* Learn how to harness the Power of Your Mind

* Move past the Built-In Resistance of the Mind

* Use what shows up in your world to reveal the content of your limiting beliefs

* Re-Train your Mind to Focus on what you enjoy and what you desire

You can also uncover the Emotional Patterns that SAP YOUR ENERGY and learn how to live from what LIGHTS YOU UP!:

* Discover the Keys to Happiness and Fulfillment

* Learn how to Create Your Day with the emotional quality that you want to enjoy

* Add the Power of your Emotions to the power of your mind & knowledge

* See how you mastered to “Expect and See” what is in your life, and shift your relationship to “Expectancy”

You can also ReConnect with your Spiritual Center – Learn to Balance Heart and Mind:

* How simple practices of Gratitude can open you up to receive more

* Develop Compassion for yourself by “seeing” your mind at work

* Create practices to connect your heart and mind

* Learn a powerful technique to Build and Focus your Faith

* See how to unplug and disconnect from old reactions and habits that no longer serve you

* Learn how a simple change in perspective can eliminate all the emotional poison you create in your life

Learn the 5 Simple Steps to Design and Create Your Own Prosperity:

* Learn how to boost and magnify Your Daily Energy – your greatest resource

* Connect your heart and your business – get clear about Your Business Impact you want to create for clients and the world

* Attract Ideal Clients through simple to follow practices – and then learn to attract Ideal Partners who bring you your Ideal Clients

* Build simple yet powerful Business Systems that provide consistent quality and results and let you work less

* Discover the 4 Step Method to bring any Transformation you want