Reasons to Start an Internet Business

U.S. unemployment is currently at a record nine percent. This figure doesn’t include those individuals that are no longer receiving state or federal assistance. That figure hovers around seventeen percent or higher.

More troubling news continues, with home prices still in a free fall. To add to this economic dilemma, millions of employed Americans have had their hours or pay cut and in some cases; both.

One way to lift yourself out of this real crisis is to start an online business. Here is how you can do it.

1. Employers have a tendency to not hire an individual that is currently unemployed.

An internet business helps in a couple of areas.

A. Showing imitative is a plus for prospective employers.

B. As you start making money it will reduce the amount you receive from unemployment money.

C. Showing a real initiative that you want to get off the dole. In addition, it will give you a sense of accomplishment and look promising for future employment.

2. Many people who sell their wares on-line make a comfortable living. You too can become independent when Self-employed and possibly become a future employer as well…

3. When you have completed all the steps required to start a legitimate internet business, you will have a sense of pride. Who knows, maybe you’ll write your own book on that one step that was the toughest to accomplish.

4. People that have actually started an online business have told me they feel a sense of independence that they never knew they could feel

Having our own business is a great thing.

5. Setting your budget, before you start is an essential element for success.

A. A large budget is not required to start a business. However; you will need to do all the work yourself, contrary to paying someone else to do it for you.

There are several online companies that will do all the legal filing for you. If you use one of these companies to do all the filings, it will become quite expensive. The good news; with a little research, you can do all of it yourself.

No matter who does the filing it takes considerable time because you are dealing with government agencies.

B. A case in point; when applying for a logo or text trademark, the paper work is not complicated. However, it will take 3 or four months for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to let you know if there is a conflict with your request. If the logo isn’t in conflict you will be able to use the logo with a trademark pending icon. The next notice will hopefully authorize you as the owner of the trademark. Unfortunately, this could take as long as 6 to nine months.

6. If you have no experience in starting a business from scratch, you will need some help. Fortunately, help is available in a variety of areas. Friends and coworkers can be a wealth of information. There is a host of books and e-books that address an internet business guide, and start from scratch books. Many of these books go into great detail in each step in creating a business. Some of these books will save over the cost of several books.