Small Business Guide for Direct Postcard Mailing

How To Market With Postcards

Now that you’ve got an idea of the history of postcards and why they make sense to try to use today, it’s time to look at some concrete steps to design and implement your own successful postcard marketing program.

There’s basically 9 steps involved.

Step 1

Make up your mind that you want to do it. This is important because postcard marketing always works if it done correctly. But the devil is always in the details and if you don’t do something right (which includes that you might have to make some modifications to your plan along the way) then you might not win big at first.

Step 2

Make a plan and stick to it. Take the time to do some serious brainstorming and planning. Bring some other members into your team if you want to or have to. Don’t be afraid to ask advice. Write everything done for future reference so you’ll have all the facts for later ‘post-game’ review.

Step 3

Make sure you’ve got the budget, the tools and other assets to follow your plan. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Generally speaking, postcard campaigns don’t cost nearly as much as most other forms of marketing. And it doesn’t require anything more technical than a computer, maybe a printer (if your printing your own cards) and perhaps a telephone….all things that you’ve got anyway, right?

Step 4

Produce your first postcard. With today’s powerful and easy to use computers and printers you shouldn’t have any trouble at all in creating your first prototype postcard. Show it around to your inner circle to get their opinion.

Step 5

Do a test of your piece. Depending on the size test you want to do, take a small part of it and do a test campaign. One good thing here is that if your postcard is effective you’ll even make money in your ‘market testing’ phase. You get paid to experiment…how cool is that!!?

Step 6

Do a full mailing. If the test was successful, do the full mailing of your postcard. If it’s a good card, this is where you start to make money.

Step 7

Track your results. Keep track of sales. Be sure and have all your staff alert to sales from your postcard campaign. If you set it up right, there’ll be some sort of signal ‘key’ in each of these new sales that’ll tell you it came from your postcard campaign. It might even be something as basic as having the customers bring the postcard in.

Step 8

Exploit your success. A lot of business owners miss it here, but you should always, as a regular part of your sales cycle, make an effort to get a referral and/or get an email address of any other type of information that will enable you to follow up and continue to market to these new customers. Don’t let them just come in, buy and leave…never to be seen or heard from again.

Step 9

Review, plan and do it again. By the time you’ve gotten this far you should have a lot to look back on and analyze. Review what worked and what didn’t, review what was easy and what wasn’t, review your goals and decide whether you should adjust them up or down. Most of this will come naturally but just remember that everything changes a little bit each time you do it so you’ll want to repeat what works, discard what doesn’t but always be alert for changes and adjustments that need to be made.